About Us

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Jaye – The creator of Stellar Skye Services

Hello! My name is Jaye and thank you for visiting Stellar Skye Services! Here you can find my most popular freelancing services. I am a well-seasoned content writer with a focus on lifestyle and entertainment. I have extensive knowledge of popular software like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, SEO applications, Jarvis, etc. I graduated a semester early from Baruch College with a degree in Journalism and Psychology, which is perfect for self-help/self-improvement niches. I also love to proofread and edit. That’s why I’m a brilliant choice for a fresh pair of eyes and someone who can help put that extra “umph” behind your vision and ideas. I aim to help you thrive!


“Incredibly fast and reliable! Definitely will be calling her again!” – Lauren L.

“Helped me with my blog when I was in a pinch, she saved my life!” – Brian K.

“Not only did she help organize my client list, emails, schedules, but she even helped my with my customers and designs! She goes above and beyond, ALWAYS!” – Sonny’s Ink

“She’s helped me so much with my blog. From creating the website to writing and editing the posts. I keep coming back because she outdoes herself every time!” Ana J.