Mind, Set, & Write Coaching

Stellar Skye Services presents Mind, Set, & Write - a spiritual mindset and book coaching program to rewire your beliefs, redesign your vision, and rewrite your story.

Here at Stellar Skye Services, we’re here to help you improve your mindset and your writing craft. Writing a book isn’t only about getting the words down on paper. You have to have the courage and confidence to stick with it, even when the process is tough.

Many people wish to be aspiring writers, artists, or musicians, but lack the conviction within themselves. That’s where I come in. It doesn’t matter where you are in your process, I can help you either get started, keep pushing through, or add the final touches to your product.

It’s okay if you:

  • only have a rough draft
  • don’t know where to begin with an outline
  • are in the polishing stages of your final draft and need someone to boost your confidence
  • don’t know what reputable sources and scholarly articles are or how to find them
  • are wondering how to format and assemble your book
  • are stuck on phrasing a particular scene

Because I offer a variety of services to help you. When I’m writing, I follow a very easy 8-Step process that I refer to as Mind, Set, & Write, which I will share with you in depth as my client. Below is a quick outline of what you can expect.

Step 1: Gaining Momentum

How long have you been thinking about writing your book? Maybe you keep picking it up and putting it back down, or end up bogged down by life’s chaos.

If you don’t start and keep up a good pace, then you’re bound to repeat the same behaviors and mistakes. So, step 1 is all about buckling down and making the decision to write. Here we brainstorm some content ideas, the synopsis, characters, titles, length, and much more. We’ll also make a decision on a deadline and determine how we can best layout the whole project. When you have a specific direction and a bunch of ideas brewing within, you’ll be jumping to start writing ASAP.

Step 2: Developing Confidence

After the first step, you probably feel great about the progress that you’ve made. However, it’s crucial that we keep your confidence up so that you can better navigate any mishaps that might happen. Writing—nor life—is always a linear process. In the past, you may have struggled to complete your ideas because of a lack of confidence or awareness. Therefore, in this step we start working on your confidence and going over some of your worst fears—and biggest goals (sometimes, they’re the same).

Step 3: Developing a System

So we have some ideas, a title, deadline, and are roaring with confidence. It’s time to create a system that you can follow to help you reach your goals in time for your deadline. We’re also going to review any potential mishaps that might occur (like the kids coming home early or simply life getting in the way) and decide how we can best navigate any roadblocks that may come our way.

Step 4: Your Message

Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. We have a bunch of ideas and probably even an impressive title—but what is your message? What do you want readers to remember you for? Your message is the purpose behind the book, but if you’re not clear on what it is—then your readers won’t understand either. In this step, we figure out what your message, thesis statement, or over pain point is for the book. When you know how and why you want to appeal to your readers, then your message becomes easier to tell.

Step 5: Outlining and Brainstorming

In this step, we start assembling our notes and information from step 1 and 4. We’ll collect all the ideas you have and start putting them together in a way that resonates best with your message. Outlines are crucial because if you know the exact road you’re taking, there’s no need to deviate. Plus, a well-detailed outline helps immensely with writer’s block, and you always have the option of skipping to an easier scene or chapter should you get stuck on a scene.

Step 6: Writing Strategically

We’re getting close to writing time! In this step, we’ll review the system from Step 3 and your outline from Step 5 and determine how we can make the best writing schedule for you. Now that we have an idea of the chapters and how long it will be, we will need to create an effective system that allows you to write and write freely.

Step 7: Writing the Book

And the time is now! You have the content and a plan. Now it’s time to stick to it. In this step, I won’t be around much. You will write your book, you will share your message. The closet thing you could compare me to is an editor. We can set up occasional meetings to assess your progress and I’ll provide feedback based on what you’re written. Depending on your schedule and needs, I can also offer daily, weekly, or monthly word count reminders to help keep you accountable. You’re not alone here, but the ship is back in your hands.

Step 8: Polishing Up

Congratulations! You finished your book! And if this is your first one, you must be so relieved to say “I did it!” Now, first, second, and sometimes third drafts are rarely the final version. And that’s okay. In this step, we review the book as a whole. From beginning to end, we review it with a fresh eye. We make sure that it sounds good and makes sense from beginning to end. We will also check the ebook formatting, copyright, and title pages. In this step, we put all the final touches on your book. From here, I can offer a few more tips on book covers, self-publishing, and proposals, before you’re officially on your way to becoming a published author.

And that’s it! It doesn’t matter whether you’re on step 1, already made it to step 8, or only need help with an outline—I can help you get the courage, knowledge, and wisdom you need to improve and feel confident in your book.

Talking bad about yourself is unacceptable and I won’t let that happen. I’ll help you make sure that your book (and mindset) are in the best possible shape. I’ve got you and I offer a variety of packages to help you reach your goals! If you’re ready, purchase a package today!

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