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Oedipus and Freud

Freud developed a theory called the Oedipus complex. This complex is when a child, most specifically a male child, develops an erotic attachment to one parent, and hostility towards the other. In the case of a male child, he would become erotically attached to his mother and become hostile towards his father. This complex develops

Nature vs. Nurture

Imagine a family where two alcoholics give birth to a son, who later becomes an alcoholic. Now the parents separate. Each has another child, the mother has a daughter with a fellow alcoholic, the daughter of which is completely abstinent. The father has a son with a non-addict of any sort, who becomes a drug

Yoga for Kids (SEO Blog Post)

Lotus Pose The lotus pose is a great way to introduce yoga to children, since they sit cross-legged regularly. Benefits include warming up the back and hips. It brings awareness to the mind, body, and spirit. Which is helpful for introducing breath awareness or mindful meditation. It’s also a calming way to end any yoga

What Would I Do With My Life (Creative Introductory)

In a world filled with facades, filters and only our “best” angles, I long for originality. In my recent efforts to appeal to a larger audience and share my work, I’ve experienced a betrayal to myself. To be honest, I hate social media; I have a strong dislike for a large percentage of the population