Nature vs. Nurture

    • Non-Fiction

Imagine a family where two alcoholics give birth to a son, who later becomes an alcoholic. Now the parents separate. Each has another child, the mother has a daughter with a fellow alcoholic, the daughter of which is completely abstinent. The father has a son with a non-addict of any sort, who becomes a drug addict. Imagine another family: a heterosexual couple who gives birth to identical female twins and a son. One of the twins and the son are homosexual.

Nature vs. nurture is a world-wide debate. Nature refers to aspects of behavior or personality that are inherited and are based on genetics. Nurture refers to the aspects of behavior or personality that are acquired or learned through environmental influences. There are many questions for this debate. Does one override the other? Is one more prominent? Does one even play a role? There have been several case studies that suggest they both play a role. In fact, it’s argued that they work interdependently to mold each person.